Raindrop is a complete Enterprise Spend Management solution. Backed by machine learning and AI, our robust spend management solution tracks your company spend in real-time, and provides reliable analysis of your spending.

Raindrop technology is engineered in a way that helps to identify potential spend uplifts with contracts and contractual payment commitments.


The Raindrop platform

Companies continuously invest in modern technologies to drive revenue growth. However, when it comes to managing the outflow of money, they often use outdated, inadequate, and fragmented tools. To maximize bottom-line results, you need an effective Procurement Resource Management (PRM) platform to address new sourcing needs and simultaneously manage existing spend. Better than spreadsheets and emails. Better than the overly-complicated, under-utilised, expensive solution offered by your ERP provider. Raindrop is the modern solution for spend management.

Fully integrated platform

Raindrop provides Spend Analytics, Spend Planning, Sourcing, Contract Lifecycle Management, and Supplier Relationship Management. Instead of data silos in multiple products, tight integration ensures your team has a unified view of spend and can drive specific actions to maximize the value of your investments.

Simple and modern

A modern solution should not require months to set up, or extensive training to use. A Raindrop instance can be provisioned in minutes to provide immediate value. It is easy to configure and integrate, intuitive to use, and built on cutting-edge, secure cloud technologies.

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How can Raindrop solve your organisational challenges?

Time to Value

You’re looking for a solution which is easy to implement and costs less.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop can be set up in a matter of minutes to perform all of your strategic and tactical procurement processes and delivers more value for your investment.


You’re looking for a solution which works today as well as enables your company’s growth

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop enables you to scale your procurement growth needs by addressing:

  • Regional and international growth.
  • Employee growth.
  • Security and compliance requirements.

Functionality Needed

You’re looking for a solution to run all of your procurement processes and cannot afford to buy multiple point solutions.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop is a single system to perform your entire procurement processes, including:

  • Spend planning.
  • Sourcing and procurement events.
  • Contract management.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Supplier onboarding.
  • Spend analysis.

Spend Management

You haven’t yet acquired, or do not currently have the necessary tools required to manage your spend.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop provides all the functionality needed to manage your spend while fulfilling your procurement business processes.

  • One single system which scales as your enterprise grows.
  • Provides all the necessary functionality as you scale up your business.

Risk and Compliance

You want a solution which minimises the change management required for your users to adhere to your procurement processes and policies.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop provides the visibility and tools required to increase adoption of your procurement processes and minimise risk by:

  • Providing a user experience needed for you to do your business your way, all centred on increasing user adoption.
  • Providing the tools needed to address your compliance issues while minimising risk.
  • Meeting all of your information security requirements.

Solution Fit

Most existing solutions do not cater to mid-market needs. Traditional procurement software solutions are costly, take a long time to implement and maintain, and are challenged with user adoption.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop is designed to address the usability, cost, and time to value challenges faced by mid-market companies by:

  • Rapid deployment enables you to realise value instantaneously.
  • A simple and easy to use interface requiring minimal training, increasing user adoption.
  • Freeing up time maintaining systems to focus on your core business activities.

Spend Visibility, Planning, and Operations

Your spend data may be fragmented across multiple systems and regions, and not providing the needed information for planning.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop enables you to plan by providing a unified view into your global enterprise spend:

  • Across different regions, currency types, suppliers, commodities, and more.
  • For planning various scenarios such as mergers & acquisitions, annual operating plan, growth, and more.
  • While delivering predictive capabilities through machine learning which identifies savings opportunities.

Cost of Ownership

Traditional procurement tools are complex, not easy to integrate to existing systems, and are labour intensive to implement and maintain.

How Raindrop adds value

With Raindrop, customers reduce their cost of ownership by:

  • Replacing and/or consolidating their legacy systems, resulting in lower systems spend.
  • Using systems capabilities to lower their Procurement services delivery costs.
  • Lowering the ongoing investment needed to care and feed the system.

Spend Leakage

Traditional systems are transactionally focused and have potential for spend leakage between multiple systems used to fulfill business processes.

How Raindrop adds value

Raindrop contains spend leakage through digitisation capabilities which provide enterprises:

  • Market intelligence on commodity acquisition cost.
  • Notifications to avoid being surprised by automatic and unexpected contract renewals.
  • Insights to get cost relief from under-utilised commodities and contain costs prior to over-consumption.

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