1. Are we getting the best value from our procurement function?
  2. We need to assess our current procurement status, benchmark against other organisations and understand where we can develop.
  3. Are our procurement policies and processes fit for purposes?


If you’re asking yourself these types of questions, we can assist you with a full assessment of your procurement organisation which will give you a current vs future status roadmap to functional change.


We are deeply experienced in benchmarking procurement and supply chain functions. It’s a rapid assessment process, using a proven benchmarking tool and approach. The collaborative experience is engaging and inclusive, involving all relevant members of the procurement team and key stakeholders. We recommend that your strategic suppliers are involved as well to gather a full 360 perspective.

The objective of the project is to conduct a focused review to determine the ‘health’ of procurement within your organisation, the extent to which procurement arrangements are proportionate to the level of risk and opportunity, and whether there are notable needs and opportunities for change and development of the function.

Assessment & Benchmarking

Start-up/SME Procurement Assessment

We’ve worked with a number of start-ups and SMEs that have grown rapidly, need to assess their existing procurement process and/ or requirements, and quickly build a roadmap to support their ongoing growth.

For these types of organisations, we run a one week program which will identify the key areas for cost reduction, process improvement and risk mitigation.

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