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Procurement as a Collaborative Service (PACS)

PACS is our procurement consultancy services offering, utilising our core strategic sourcing solutions to solve your people, organisational and supply chain challenges. Our methodology adapts to your requirements to enable the approach to suit you, and we mobilise and engage with you and your business at pace. Whether you’re wanting to transform or step-change your function, build supply chain resilience, lead tender programmes, implement supplier collaboration solutions, deliver significant savings, or create your procurement and supply chain strategy, we can help you.

Collaboration sits at the heart of what we do and how we operate. This approach enables us to work with you to achieve business outcomes faster and at a lower cost.

We have the experience and flexibility to bring in the right expert at the right time, and at the right price. The right resource is as much to do with values and competencies, as it is to do with technical background.

Our procurement consultancy services approach flexes to your business requirements and to your environment. We work with you in collaboration, getting to know you and your organisation quickly, and we deliver at pace. Our procurement services are competitively priced and our commitment is to develop long-term sustainable relationships in support of your priorities and success.

Digitise your business
Develop your talent

Why use specialist procurement consultancy services?

By making use of our procurement consultancy services, you can develop a robust procurement strategy which sets out how your company aims to deliver a streamlined service. We take a holistic approach to procurement, allowing us to consider your firm’s overarching objectives in conjunction with its budget and timetable.

Every company will have their own specific procurement goals. The Procurement Hive works with you to develop these further whilst also allowing you to maintain efficient daily operations. An outside observer can notice room for improvement in the supply chain more easily, allowing your team to optimise its current strategy.

Our strategic sourcing solutions (Organisational Effectiveness | Savings & Value Opportunity | Technology Review & Solution Delivery | People Capability Assessment & Recruitment Service Delivery) run in parallel, allowing for seamless information sharing, strong governance, reporting and progress.

Our procurement consultancy services reflect the on-going top priorities of CPOs:

  • Delivering cost savings
  • Supplier & supply chain risk management
  • Developing team skills and talent
  • Contributing to margin growth
  • Driving operational efficiencies through procurement technology
  • Innovative relationships with stakeholders and suppliers


We would like to understand our existing procurement capability and benchmark against industry standards to improve performance and delivery.

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We want to build and transform our procurement capability, though don’t know where to start.

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Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

Cost management is critical, and we need help to develop and maximise our saving delivery.

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We need help to develop our digital technology strategy and select the right solution for our business needs in a complex market.

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