The electronic procurement marketplace is complex and rapidly-changing. The Procurement Hive team have used many of the products available on the market meaning we can provide independent knowledge on the latest technology and system capability. Our in-depth discovery process means we can focus on your business needs, matching system requirements to your organisations’ objectives.

The initial phase of work is to conduct a procurement technology review to support the business direction. Subsequent phases of work can include assisting you to either select and deploy the right solution, or fix the solution you have.

Through our technology review, we will conduct a diagnostic, recommend improvements and efficiencies, and support appropriate technology acquisition, if required. Our team will assess your requirements, including available budget, and provide specific recommendations for the best available procurement technology solution for your organisation. We can also provide support in running the request for quotation or direct negotiation process in collaboration with your team.

Our framework will provide internal discovery, stakeholder engagement, solution definition and system selection. We can also provide configuration, deployment and training. The process commences with the organisational strategy in mind.

Technology Review
Technology Review

Procure to Pay is the transactional element of procurement and tends to impact a greater number of stakeholders than any other process. It spans Procurement and Finance as well as needing to communicate with suppliers, and where possible, interact with their systems.

  • We’ll work with you to understand your business needs, the environment, limitations and mandatory requirements.
  • We’ll then map and understand the current situation and issues with both the project team and relevant stakeholder groups. The aim of stakeholder engagement is to ensure future success.
  • We then work with the project team and stakeholders to develop a picture of potential future outcomes to understand the scope of potential solutions and prioritise required capability. Part of this activity is shaping stakeholder expectations to what the organisation can realistically afford in order to ensure success. This activity is also focussed upon developing a sense of ownership by stakeholders.
  • We then progress through standard specification development and market engagement, if needed. This process again demands heavy stakeholder engagement to promote ownership and acceptance of any system weaknesses.
  • If required, the deployment stage involves management of configuration requirements in order to deliver the functionality needed. Our team works with you to ensure decisions are understood and to guide the team so they remain ahead of the vendor’s deployment team in order to ensure smooth and efficient deployment. This phase also includes testing and training.
  • Finally, we must assess whether the system deployment has achieved the projected outcomes. We measure this objectively and assist the client to make adjustments in order to achieve the required outcomes or surpass them.